Writing offers many avenues and benefits for hope and healing. It allows you to

  • explore aspects of your life and their meaning and lessons.
  • discover healing messages from your higher self.
  • communicate directly with loved ones or spirit guides for guidance and advice.

Writing the Spiritual Memoir

Unlike an autobiography, which covers the author’s life chronologically from cradle to the present, or a reminiscence, which is a vignette or anecdote of a specific memory recalled for nostalgia and the writer’s pleasure (not the reader’s), a memoir focuses on a specific aspect of a person’s life, e.g., a pivotal experience, a relationship gone wrong, recovery from an illness, the loss of a loved one, a spiritual quest, etc.

Memoir doesn’t just recall and enumerate these circumstances; in memoir, you ponder and reflect on the larger meaning of a past event(s) or experience(s) to provide both you and your reader with new insight and a deeper understanding of the human condition.

I’m currently taking only a limited number of  clients, but I am happy to discuss with you by email your project to help you narrow your focus and theme and to recommend others who can assist you.

Spiritual Writing for Healing

In spiritual writing (also known as inspired writing), you are fully aware of what you are writing. It is done in a conscious, relaxed, and meditative state, and is easier than you might realize.


  1. Set your intention on whom you would like to communicate with: your higher self, a spirit guide, or a loved one in spirit. Ask your Higher Power to surround you with a white light of protection, releasing all negative energy and allowing only positive energy to enter your space for your highest and greatest good.
  2. Write down your question on a piece of paper. Try to phrase your question starting with what or how. Avoid questions that begin with why, as there can be many reasons something happens. Also avoid when questions. Time is a concept in our reality, not in the reality of our higher selves or the spirit world. You might ask, “What does my higher self (or my spirit guide or my loved one in spirit) want me to know about _____________?”
  3. Take several deep breaths. Relax. Clear you mind. Focus on your breathing. Be open to and record whatever you receive: thoughts, images, impressions, whether you think it’s you or not. Initially, some information may not make sense, or some details may come to you as symbols or you might later interpret as metaphors. Trust what you receive. The more you practice, the more the responses will be relevant to your question.